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Australian School Holidays and Term Dates 2021–2022

2021-11-06T01:10:42+11:00Posted in About Education and Learning, Organizing Lessons, Parent Advice, Primary School Learning, Senior & High School Learning, Student Advice

As the world opens up after the torrid lockdowns and COVID-19 havoc, aren’t we all itching for a getaway? Especially, since students are back inside the school’s safety and schedule. Once again family trips are exclusive to the long summer vacation or week-long winter vacation. We can help ..

How to Decide Which School Is Right for Your Child?

2021-10-13T01:27:53+11:00Posted in About Education and Learning, All Categories, Coaching, Mentoring & Reflection, Organizing Lessons, Parent Advice

Selecting the right school for a child is a crucial rite of passage for parents. A great school can cement the foundation of your child’s academic future. However, with over 9,500 schools in Australia, finding the perfect fit is an overwhelming task. The abundance of choice is both ..

5 Ways To Help Your Tutor Help You

2018-09-03T18:15:44+10:00Posted in Coaching, Mentoring & Reflection, Organizing Lessons, Parent Advice, Relationships: Parent, Student &Tutor

Working with a tutor can be one of the most beneficial steps in transforming struggling students into successful students. The one-on-one attention works wonders by focusing on the student’s individual needs, strengths and weaknesses. The tutor and student relationship is an important one, and when a match ..

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