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    Looking for VCE Biology past papers to practice your skills and apply your knowledge? You’ve come to the right place. Go straight to papers>>

    In your VCE Biology course you have investigated the processes involved in sustaining life at cellular, system, species, and ecosystem levels. You’ve examined how life has evolved over time and you now understand that in the dynamic and interconnected system of life, all change has a consequence that may affect an individual, a species, or the collective biodiversity of Earth.

    You have gained insights into the knowledge of molecular and evolutionary concepts that underpin contemporary biology, and the applications used by society to resolve problems and make advancements.

    You’ve also developed a range of inquiry skills involving practical experimentation and research, analytical skills including critical and creative thinking, and communication skills. You’ve used scientific and cognitive skills and understanding to analyse contemporary biology-related issues and communicate your views from an informed position

    Now it’s time to finally test what you know and if you can apply it to exam questions asked in the VCE Biology exam.

    Completing past exam papers is one of the best ways to prepare you for your final exams. The VCE Biology Curriculum and VCE Biology Design pages contain the most current and up to date information about VCE Biology and the VCE Biology Exam. You will find links to past exam papers from 2002 onwards further down. Note that older exam papers are not necessarily a guide to the current VCE exam requirements.

    We’ve organised the past papers by course and year, naming the links as accurately as possible. If you find any errors, please let us know.

    Sometimes, there is only a marking guide available, in others, the marking guide contains sample answers as well. The table usually shows each question and the criteria with each mark or mark range.

    3 Tips to Help you Prepare for Your VCE Biology Exam

    • Understand the study design. Use this to organise your notes and as a revision checklist. This contains everything you could possibly be examined on at the end of the year.
    • Use online videos as a resource. Watching YouTube tutorials/animations is a quick and effective way to revise, especially when it comes to problem areas.
    • Practice past exam papers. Make sure they are recent papers that reference the current design study. Doing this will help you identify problem areas that you can then revise more fully. Don’t just skip questions you can’t answer, use them to direct your revision focus. The same topics often come up again in exams although the questions will be different.

    3 Tips to Help you Ace Your VCE Biology Exam

    • Apply what you know. Don’t just write what you know about a topic, apply what you know to the question asked. Demonstrate that you understand what you know, don’t just regurgitate what you’ve memorised. The most important question to ask yourself is, “Have I answered the question?”
    • Use the mark allocations. Make sure you write enough to receive full marks. Don’t waste time. There’s none to waste. Never rewrite the stem of the question; instead, just write down the key terms, definitions, and explanations that will get you the marks.
    • If you can’t answer a question, come back to it. Answering questions you can’t answer confidently takes more time than answering questions you can answer. Rather answer the questions you can first and then come back to more challenging questions. Hopefully, by that time your subconscious will have been digging around looking to help you when you get back to it.

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