The problem we solve

Every school goes through periods where it is difficult to keep up with students’ need for extra help.
It happens for various reasons:

  • Did a permanent teacher retire or take time off?
  • Is a new teacher taking a while to get on top of things?
  • Are your classrooms a little more densely populated this term than last?
  • Having trouble supporting students over school holiday periods?
  • Are students asking for a little more help than usual preceding exams?

It can be extremely difficult for schools to organise additional support for their students when it’s needed. The options are usually to add workload to existing teachers’ busy schedules or arrange for a new temporary teacher to join the faculty. Both options involve various legal and administrative considerations which are costly and take time to organise.

We can provide the boost of support your students need.

We do it quickly.   We do it low cost.   We offer quality.

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