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    Looking for WACE Physics past papers to practice your skills and apply your knowledge? You’ve come to the right place. Go straight to papers>>

    In Unit 3 of your WACE Physics course you learned about Gravity and electromagnetism. In Unit 4 you learned about Revolutions in modern physics.

    It’s never too early to get ready for your final assessment. In fact, it’s important that you learn to develop your examination technique, including answering questions effectively, eradicating careless errors, and using the correct terminology. We’ve got WACE Physics past papers from 2016 onwards to help you develop your exam technique. Remember that depending on when the syllabus is updated, not all past exam papers will reflect the requirements of the most up to date syllabus.

    We’ve organised the past papers by course and year, naming the links as accurately as possible. If you find any errors, please let us know.

    The table usually shows each question and the criteria with each mark or mark range. Marking guides also contain sample answers.

    3 Tips to Help you Prepare for Your WACE Physics Exam

    • Use the WACE Physics Syllabus. The syllabus should be your ‘go-to’ document to ensure you have covered off on all topics to be assessed.
    • Teach problem areas to others. Teaching difficult concepts to someone else is an effective way to test your understanding. If you don’t have someone, record yourself and listen back to assess your understanding.
    • Do lots of exam-style questions. This will expose you to the type of questions you can expect and it will test your exam readiness. Let your results help you identify problem areas for further attention.

    3 Tips to Help you Ace Your WACE Physics Exam

    • Read the question carefully. Make sure you answer the question that is being asked. Also, answer every part of the question. If the question asks you to supply an appropriate equation, write one down.
    • Set out your answers clearly. Do not to skip steps just because they are on your calculator. An incorrect numerical answer can score four out of five marks if adequate workings are shown.
    • Explain concepts rather than simply applying them in calculations.

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