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Every parent and student have heard the phrase ‘study skills.’ But not everyone really comprehends what exactly they are or why it matters. After all, if a student’s grades are decent why should they concern themselves with study habits? And, if their grades are suffering, shouldn’t they focus on the content and not waste their time on study habits?

Learning to study smart is one of the most life-changing things a student can learn! Some of us do well with critical reasoning but might struggle when it comes to time management and organisation. Others might be horrible at putting an idea into their own words but be absolutely incredible at taking notes. For your child to do their best, they must have some awareness of their study skills and work on developing them.

Every student can improve academic performance by finding which study strategies work for them. Most importantly, they need to figure out which study skills they’re missing, because if they’re trying hard and not getting decent results, chances are they are not approaching the subject matter the right way. What do the successful students do in maths, in English? Are they just smarter? Do solutions magically pop into their heads? How do they handle exam anxiety – or do they just not get any? How do they handle motivation slumps – surely that’s not a matter of study skills and habits?

The truth is that there is a common theme to these questions, and to academic success in general. Some themes are universal across subjects, others are subject specific.

By deliberately working on good study skills and learning strategies, a student can keep motivation high and achieve goals more easily and more efficiently. Working on study skills is a great way to develop a sense of progress and ability because typically there are no confidence barriers specifically relating to study skills. For example, many students think “I’m just not a maths person, I don’t have a maths brain” but you’ve probably never heard someone say “I just don’t have a study skills brain”.

Good study skills can increase confidence, competence, and self-esteem. They can also reduce anxiety about tests and deadlines. By developing effective study skills, students may be able to cut down on the numbers of hours spent studying, leaving more time for other things. Good learning strategies can improve ability to learn and retain knowledge. Students who use effective study skills tend to feel their work and effort is more worthwhile

Download our free Study Skills Handbook.

It is completely free and has some gold nuggets. Anyone who has done well academically will be able to relate to most if not all of the ideas in the Study Skills Handbook. Successful students tend to internalize the study skills, but here they are for your external perusal! Please take them seriously and may these concepts help you help your child to truly flourish.



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Thanks for the email. We are very happy with Lisa. She is bright and keen and has established a very easy rapport with Xiao. Xiao actually really likes her. We feel very confident that Xiao will continue to make progress with her maths.
Thank you for your follow up.  Ty is progressing well and we are all happy with the way things are going (mum, dad and Ty).  Apart from the normal issues, that sometimes he just “doesn’t feel like it” at the beginning of the session, he enjoys the tutoring and is gaining benefits already.  Though Ty has always had quite a good understanding of Maths, the idea of tutoring was to…
Thank you for your email received today.   I am very pleased to report that we are very impressed with Minh and his approach to tutoring our son.   Minh is a very responsible and passionate teacher, we feel his enthusiasm will promote Elijah-Taye to the required level in a reasonable time frame.
So far so good, Nicole is doing a lot better and Nidhi seems to be a great help.
I texted Nathan to say well done cos April got a B- on her maths exam. Huge difference in her grade and her attitude, she's sooooo happy.
Andres is doing a fantastic job, he has a great rapport with Rio and is incredibly professional in his approach.   Thank you for providing Rio with such a wonderful maths tutor.
Lauren and Caitlin have got off to a good start. Lauren is very understanding of Caitlin’s needs and has worked really hard on preparing her for her first term Math exam. Caitlin has already built some confidence knowing she will do better ( after starting with Lauren). She also knows it is only early days. Lauren is very good at explaining things at a Caitlin level.
Jamie has said he thinks the maths tutoring is good and feels more confident in maths tests at school. He seems to have a positive attitude towards his maths tutoring sessions and responds well to Cal's patient and encouraging approach.

Our philosophy to teaching is based upon a firm belief that every child can succeed at maths or any other subject, given the proper encouragement, motivation and tools. We believe that a tutor’s …