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Maths in Everyday Life

2023-06-29T17:06:35+10:00Posted in About Education and Learning, Motivation & Interest

Contrary to what memes and some jokes might imply, you can use maths in daily life. Mathematical knowledge has its practical applications far beyond the classroom. What's more, we use some branches of mathematics without really noticing. It's almost second nature to us.Mathematical reasoning isn't really your forte, ..

What Clubs Should I Join During High School?

2022-11-16T22:36:15+11:00Posted in Student Advice

Throughout the school years, students strive towards a single goal. To get into a premier university and get a great job, not necessarily in that order. They attend classes, study day in and out, and complete assignments & projects to equip themselves with all the necessary skills. ..

Signs you should move schools

2022-11-16T22:07:08+11:00Posted in Parent Advice

Students spend the majority of their time at school for over a decade. Thus, it’s crucial to ensure that their school is a perfect match for them. You can pick the most popular school in the city with world-class facilities, yet it may not provide a fulfilling educational ..