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What Clubs Should I Join During High School?

2022-06-08T03:46:34+10:00Posted in Student Advice

Throughout the school years, students strive towards a single goal. To get into a premier university and get a great job, not necessarily in that order. They attend classes, study day in and out, and complete assignments & projects to equip themselves with all the necessary skills. ..

Homework Overload: Here’s How to Deal

2022-03-11T22:52:21+11:00Posted in Student Advice, Study Habits

You’ve all listened to your child constantly whining about their homework. There seems to be an endless battle between students and schools around it. The debate of eliminating homework in schools has spanned over decades now. However, the solution might lie in the middle ground. A limited amount ..

Should You Listen to Music While Studying?

2022-02-28T22:39:37+11:00Posted in Student Advice, Study Habits

While some swear by music’s magical effect on learning, others detest any background noise during their study sessions. Listening to music while studying is one of the most debated techniques in academia. It is a unique learning strategy that might not work with everyone. There are varying research ..

How to Write Effective Maths Notes?

2022-01-06T03:49:53+11:00Posted in About Education and Learning, Coaching, Mentoring & Reflection, Concentration & Focus, Primary School Learning, Structuring Lessons, Student Advice

When we read or learn something new, our brain tends to forget 75% of it within a couple of days. As evident, we are terrible at remembering things, and thus the need of writing notes arises. Maintaining notes for a subject enhances and solidifies our learning of it. ..

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