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    Year 11 English Tutoring

    In year 11, students study how the relationships between language, text, purpose, context, and audience are used to create meaning. One area of focus is the comparison of texts and how meaning is created through a combination of images and speech or writing. Students analyse how the world and human experience are represented through ideas and voices in texts.
    The core contents of year 11 English are:

    • The creation of meaning through the relationships between language, text, purpose, context, and audience,
    • Considering how language, structure, and conventions are used in different types of texts such as imaginative, interpretive, and persuasive texts,
    • Comparing texts and the creation of meaning through visual and spoken or written parts,
    • Responding to texts, creating texts, and reflecting on learning.

    In year 11, one of the common challenges is responding to texts in a sophisticated way. Students need to consider more than just themes and character development. Many students do not adequately write about what they think the author’s views and values are. When addressing this, evidence from the text should be included to back up any claims made.
    By the end of year 11 English, students should be able to:

    • Understand how the relationships between purpose, context, and audience shape texts and their meaning,
    • Create oral, written, and mixed media texts for different audiences, purposes, and contexts,
    • Understand how ideas and attitudes are presented in texts,
    • Analyse how texts are structured to engender specific responses.

    Knowing what is meant by purpose, context, and audience of texts is important as the relationships between these areas are analysed in year 11. Students need to be able to write texts and make oral presentations designed for specific audiences and purposes.
    One of the best ways to address areas requiring improvement is to have as much practice as possible with quick feedback. This is where a tutor can help. The student can practise working on one area, such as analysing language features, without having to write a complete essay. Your child’s tutor can then provide immediate feedback which your child incorporates in the next attempt and so on until sufficient progress is made.
    A year 11 student’s schooling would ideally have prepared the student for these final years of school. However, due to various reasons, some students can still be lacking in certain skills which students are assumed to have at this year level. While not having the required skill level can pose a challenge, as long as the problem areas are identified early, your child’s tutor and classroom teacher can work with your child to catch up so that they are ready for year 12.
    Have your child read at least one daily newspaper a day. The editorial, opinion, and letters to the editor sections as well as the actual news articles will give your child access to different viewpoints and information. By reading the newspaper daily, your child will be able to follow the stories over time enabling them to have a better understanding of the background and development of the issues.



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