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    Year 9 English Tutoring

    In year 9, students begin to present their own arguments based on an analysis of a text. They write imaginative, informative, and persuasive texts which may involve the use of images and sound. Students investigate and experiment with language features such as extended metaphors and symbolism in a variety of text forms such as poetry and plays. Using interaction skills, students discuss an idea using techniques such as persuasive language, changing voice tone, music and sound effects in order to persuade the audience. In year 9, students review their own and others’ texts, looking at how to improve the organisation, paragraphing, vocabulary, and sentence structure.

    The core contents of year 9 English are:

    • Analysis and interpretation of texts including text structure, images, vocabulary choice, and language features,
    • Use of various language features and images to create meaning,
    • Response to issues in the form of texts that interpret and use ideas from other texts,
    • Presenting, discussing, and evaluating responses to ideas and issues,
    • Persuasive writing involving the use of effect, selective use of vocabulary and grammar, and accurate spelling and punctuation.

    A common challenge at this year level is being able to put forward a point of view based on an interpretation of a text. Knowing how to structure an essay of this kind with the right amount of detail and evidence is a common area of difficulty.

    By the end of year 9 English, students should be able to:

    • Analyse how the structure of a text can be used for effect,
    • Form their own interpretations of texts based on an evaluation of the ideas and information contained in the texts,
    • Create different levels of meaning by using a variety of language features,
    • Understand how interpretations of texts can vary by comparing their own response to the responses of others,
    • Create texts that respond to issues,
    • Make presentations and actively contribute to class discussions,
    • Make use of vocabulary and grammar for effect, and
    • Use accurate punctuation and spelling.

    In year 9, your child needs to move beyond text analysis to begin formulating their own arguments based on ideas and information found in the text. This sets the foundation for senior years English where students will need to put forth their own point of view in text response essays.

    Another important foundational skill your child needs to develop is being able to respond to issues and current affairs. This includes being able to understand the different viewpoints involved, being able to summarise the information, as well as having an opinion on the issue and persuasively presenting this opinion.

    Ezy Maths tutors should help your child become an independent learner. Look for a tutor that can show your child how to do the specific task, such as find important ideas in a text, and then allows the child to have a go as well.
    Students in year 9 are expected to be able to create texts of increasing complexity. Understanding how to approach a major writing task can be a major stumbling block at this year level.
    Encourage your child to read a variety of texts. While it is important that they read whatever they enjoy, exposing your child to books, magazines, or newspapers they wouldn’t normally read would help broaden their knowledge base. Also, watching current affairs programs and discussing issues will help your child develop understanding and form opinions.



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    I'm very impressed, and happy with the progress. Thank you

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