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    Biology is kind of known for having a lot of content to get through. It has become an increasingly popular subject in the last decade with new advances in the field attracting many students. However, it is very science-y, technical, and for many students difficult to connect with. A well placed biology tutor can really help with making sense of the subject as well as teach your child the nuances for a successful approach – which is quite different to other subjects.

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    Simone has responded very positively to having a biology tutor. Angela is the perfect personality, so suited to what Simone needs. She is also a mentor for Simone so I am very pleased and happy we have her to help push Simone throughout this year, she really needs it – Natasha R

    Ray is doing so well with Greg. Yesterday was only his third lesson but he already feels like Greg has understood what his sticking points are and has helped him to understand how to understand questions better. He looks forward to his lessons and all of a sudden has confidence that he might be able to continue with biology through year 12 and not have to drop it. Thank you. – Milly W

    Ella has really helped Deepak break down the content and put together a structure to get through it all. There’s a lot of content in biology and Deepak has really struggle with both the comprehension as well as volume of work. Now there is a structure in place for study and preparation as well as much need boost in making sense  of the material. Going really well so far. – Suru K

    The goal is turn your child into a successful and independent learner. Your biology tutor will help your child to ultimately sit in an exam room and succeed on their own. Ezy Math Tutoring provides private biology tutors in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. The tutor will tailor lessons to your child’s unique needs so that they can learn in a way that works for them – ready to start whenever you are!

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    Our tutoring service is extremely specialised and experiences a burst in demand from July to September. Improvements of 20-35% are possible if sufficient preparation time is allowed before exams. Start ASAP.

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    Pick how much time you want to dedicate to Biology lessons. Enjoy the results!

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    Steven has seen great benefit from the tutoring he has received from Robert these past months. His grades and his confidence in Maths has improved tremendously. Thank you so very much for the wonderful service you have provided. Robert is fantastic and Steven worked really well with him and actually would look forward to his Tuesday lessons!
    Huge thanks to Nicole who helped Sydney to get this far.
    Norina has been fantastic. Emma and Norina have hit it off and have started to build a great rapport.

    Our philosophy to teaching is based upon a firm belief that every child can succeed at maths or any other subject, given the proper encouragement, motivation and tools. We believe that a tutor’s …