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How to Write Effective Maths Notes?

2022-01-06T03:49:53+11:00Posted in About Education and Learning, Coaching, Mentoring & Reflection, Concentration & Focus, Primary School Learning, Structuring Lessons, Student Advice

When we read or learn something new, our brain tends to forget 75% of it within a couple of days. As evident, we are terrible at remembering things, and thus the need of writing notes arises. Maintaining notes for a subject enhances and solidifies our learning of it. ..

Australian School Holidays and Term Dates 2021–2022

2021-11-06T01:10:42+11:00Posted in About Education and Learning, Organizing Lessons, Parent Advice, Primary School Learning, Senior & High School Learning, Student Advice

As the world opens up after the torrid lockdowns and COVID-19 havoc, aren’t we all itching for a getaway? Especially, since students are back inside the school’s safety and schedule. Once again family trips are exclusive to the long summer vacation or week-long winter vacation. We can help ..

Why Do We Learn Maths

2021-10-13T01:12:02+11:00Posted in About Education and Learning, All Categories, Coaching, Mentoring & Reflection, Motivation & Interest, Parent Advice, Primary School Learning, Senior & High School Learning

Parents and teachers, we know you’ve been asked this before. Students, we know you’ve asked this before. School has just gone back, and students are once again asking: “Why do we learn maths?” or “what’s the point of all this maths – will I ever use ..

Mastering Math Vocabulary

2020-06-22T17:51:53+10:00Posted in Parent Advice, Primary School Learning

When it comes to math, vocabulary is a very important factor. Some teachers and tutors can spend so much time focusing on the functions and formulas, and disregard some of the basic WORDS that make up those formulas. If students don’t know that “finding the sum” means to ..

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